Washington DC and Philadelphia in a Day (Starting and Ending in New York)

See the video journal below:

See Washington DC and Philadelphia posts for pictures.

Video journal of a day trip to Washington and Philadelphia, starting and ending in New York. This short trip is ideal for those of you visiting New York but want to take a quick look at Washington and Philadelphia at the same time since they’re nearby. Travel was done via Amtrak ($98 round trip), which was very comfortable and the seats had plenty of space to stretch. An alternative is to take one of various shuttle bus services that go between major cities in US East; the main advantage is the price which is usually around $25 round trip; the cons being they are not as reliable on timing and are subject to traffic, have smaller seats with less room to stretch, and generally take longer (4 – 5 hrs from NY to WA Vs 3 – 3.5 hrs by train). The buses generally also have plenty of tourists (Vs mostly people commuting to/from work on the train) so they can be more noisy.

Depart New York Penn Station @ 7:17 AM, arrive at Washington Union Station @ 10:40 AM
Depart Washington Union Station @ 5:05 PM, arrive at Philadelphia 30th Street Station @ 6:57 PM
Depart Philadelphia 30th Street Station @ 9:09 PM, arrive at New York Penn Station @ 10:34 PM

This gives about 6 hours to walk around in Washington and about 2 hours in Philadelphia.

Points of interest plotted on Google Maps:

Includes a stop at Campo’s Deli for a famous Philadelphia Cheesesteak: http://www.camposdeli.com
See Campo’s Deli post.

Video Sections:
00:06 New York Penn Station
00:58 On the Train
02:03 Washington Union Station
03:41 US Capitol
04:22 Capitol Reflecting Pool
04:38 National Museum of the American Indian
05:02 Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
05:20 Smithsonian Castle
05:41 US Dept of Agriculture
05:59 Washington Monument
06:26 The Ellipse
06:43 The White House
06:59 Dept of Treasury
07:17 National Security Council
07:33 American National Red Cross
07:49 World War II Memorial
08:24 Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
08:36 Lincoln Memorial
09:19 Martin Luther King Jr Memorial
09:32 George Mason Memorial
10:06 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
10:20 Bridge over mouth of Tidal Basin
10:34 Thomas Jefferson Memorial
11:20 Library of Congress: Thomas Jefferson Building
11:40 Train Leaving Washington
11:50 Philadelphia 30th Street Station
12:43 SEPTA 30th Street Station
13:12 Outside 5th Street Station
13:35 Congress Hall and the Liberty Bell
14:06 Independence National Historic Park
15:01 Market St and S 2nd St and Campo’s Deli
15:35 SEPTA 2nd Street Station
15:41 Back to 30th Street Station
15:48 Cheesesteak
16:03 Train back to New York
16:35 Arrival at New York Penn Station

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