Portal 2 Atlas by ThreeA

The Portal 2 Atlas figure by ThreeA has arrived, purchased from the Big Bad Toy Store. The level of intricacy that went into this guy is amazing given the price ($145 – albeit still a shock to someone like myself who has never bought a high quality figure before). Almost anything you would expect to be articulated in the real Atlas is so in this figure, including the pistons, hinges, and joints. It is somewhat awe inspiring to see the level of detail that went into every little part and all finished off with a spectacular paint job that gives a nice glossy metal finish.

I would recommend a mount/stand if you have one just to be safe, but for the most part, Atlas is stiff enough to stand up well on his own and is fairly stable. There is just one joint I found surprisingly loose (left elbow rotation), but it’s still passable as the arm can still hold it’s position regardless of how you angle it. Atlas’ ball joint thumbs however tend to be very weakly held in place and pop off with very small amounts of force. This, along with the fingers not being very strong and not really able to fit properly into the grip area of the gun, make it very difficult to hold and position the gun in his hands. If you plan to just get the positioning done once and place Atlas in a case where he will stay static, then you have little to worry about. If you hope to adjust him regularly into different poses with the gun, then you need to have patience. I personally just managed to get the gun just barely held in his hands such that a few shakes of the table could cause it to slip right off. It seems a little strange that the gun doesn’t fit nicely at all with Atlas’ hands, which makes me wonder if I’m doing something wrong.

Other than some difficulties in being able to mould him into a nice and stable pose, this has been a good buy and is a very nice piece of eye candy for my table. His eye and gun do light up (haven’t gotten the batteries yet) but from what I have seen online, they create a very nice effect; especially the eye which animates. Oh and it’s also kind of neat that you can take his main ‘ball’ body out of the socket connecting it to the arms and legs. That piece alone is enough to constitute a standalone figure.


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